Who We Are ?

Welcome to Mimos Child Care

Mimos Child Care is a specialised “Early Learning and Day Care” facility of superior standards and experience.We cater for the specific needs of kids whose ages range from 7 months to 10 years.
Our focus and commitment is to ensure an effortless and hassle free experience for our career-laden moms and dads who would prefer to have their children professionally cared for.
Mimos Child Care offers a wide variety of amenities that put us ahead of other child care providers. Each day,children engage in an array of activities designed to inspire learning,curiosity and joy.We offer a child-centric environment that will allow children to grow and develop safely,surrounded by love and learning.

Why Mimos ?

Our Philosophy

Mimos is the place where your child is loved,where needs are met and where our facilitators and environment ensure learning is fun.We personalize your child's needs so that they feel at home away from home!!!We understand the importance of the formative years in the stage of a child's development and we take all responsibility to do all we can to optimize a child's developmental experience and safety during the time with us

  • Live CCTV

    Live CCTV

  • Best Adult Child Ratio

    Best Adult Child Ratio

  • Nurse on Board

    Nurse on Board

  • Nutritious Meal

    Nutritious Meal

  • Trained Educators

    Trained Educators

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