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Four Words to make your child a Happy Learner!

Children’s brains will reach 80 percent of their adult size by their third birthday. Four words describe the most important activities for parents to consistently engage in with children: Touch, Talk, Read, Play. How do these four, easy-to-remember words impact social and emotional development? Touch allows your baby to feel safe and loved and instills trust between the two of you. Talk encourages language development, communication skills and voice recognition. Your little one learns the structure of a conversation when you give her a chance to respond back with coos, gestures, or facial expressions. Read aids in language development and the reading and writing that will blossom as your baby grows. Story time is a great bonding opportunity for the two of you. Play has a key role in the development of problem solving, decision-making and creativity, and it can better your baby’s attention span. The experiences during play help to build your baby’s social skills, which is a key component of healthy social-emotional development. These activities stimulate your baby’s brain by creating more connections every time he or she experiences something new and exciting. As you begin to prepare your baby for pre-school, having skills developed through touching, talking, reading and playing will directly affect his or her social and academic performance